Stigma of the Wind anime premieres 19 May 2010 on Animax Asia

Airs weekdays at 630PM WIB (UTC+07; Add one hour for Southeast Asia and Philippine times.)

Stigma of the Wind anime ex Animax Asia

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Stigma of the Wind premieres this coming Wednesday, 19 May 2010, at 630PM WIB on Animax Asia.


After being banished by his family for his inability in flame art, [Kazuma] returns four years later a Master of wind art. However, when his family members are killed one by one with all signs pointing to him as the mastermind, Kazuma faces a daunting task to prove his innocence.
Stigma of the Wind, Animax Asia

What the Animax blurb doesn't point out (and TV Tropes does) is that before his enforced exile, the bishie anti-hero Kazuma was beaten by cousin Ayano for the right to bear the family flame sword Enraiha.

The Gonzo-animated Kaze no Stigma anime aired in Japan from April through September 2007 (just like Romeo × Juliet). Based on the late Yamato Takahiro-sensei's light (but darker-toned) novels, the TV series stars seiyuu Ono Daisuke (Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji) as the badass, deadpan snarker with glowing eyes of doom, wind mage Yagami Kazuma. Fujimura Ayumi (Misaki, Maid-sama!) is the cute little fanged, tsundere fire mage Kannagi Ayano, and Morinaga Rika is the cute wittle shotaro boy with a heroic resolve Kannagi Ren. (All trope examples identified by TV Tropes gratefully acknowledged and LOL'd at.)

The opening theme is the (jarring) blast of wind by Kiuji Saori, who also sings the first ED, Hitorikiri no Sora. The second and third ending themes are Matataki no Kiwoku by Fujimura Ayumi, Inokuchi Yuka and Itō Shizuka and Tsuki Hana no Inori by Sakai Kanako (episode 12).

The encore telecasts of episode 1 will be at 1030PM the same night and 6AM and 1030AM the following day, in case you miss the 630PM premiere.

Partial airing schedule

# Title Day/Date Airtime
1 Kaze no Kikan (Return of the Wind) Premiere WED, 19 May 2010 630PM WIB
1 Kaze no Kikan (Return of the Wind) Encore 1 WED, 19 May 2010 1030PM WIB
1 Kaze no Kikan (Return of the Wind) Encore 2 THU, 20 May 2010 6AM WIB
1 Kaze no Kikan (Return of the Wind) Encore 3 THU, 20 May 2010 1030AM WIB
2 Kako to no Taiketsu (Confrontation with the Past) THU, 20 May 2010 630PM WIB
3 Kannagi Souke (Kannagi Family Head) FRI, 21 May 2010 630PM WIB
4 Keiyakusha (Kontorakutaー) (Contractor) FRI, 21 May 2010 630PM WIB
5 Mayoi wo Suteta Mono (The One Who Discarded Her Hesitation) MON, 24 May 2010 630PM WIB

nik sez... This was one of my 2007 Guilty Pleasures. It was THAT Kazuma-sama〜 ♡ addictive.

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) via Animax Asia


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